Grief and Loss

Are you struggling to get through the day without being overwhelmed with loss (of a loved one, a relationship, a dream, etc.)? Or are you trying to “get over it” in unhealthy ways? Grief is not something to “overcome”, it is a process of finding your “new normal”.  We can walk through this journey together.

We can help you work toward releasing emotions in order to bring about healing.  It is common to be afraid to feel emotions, especially if we were close to our loved one, because sometimes we may think that once we start, it will become too much. This sense of feeling vulnerable ends up causing us to become purposefully distracted and busy, so as not to feel the pain, but this only prolongs the healing process.

You’re never going to stop missing your loved one. We are here to help you have a good life while you’re missing them.  We can help you get to a point where you can appreciate the feelings, embrace the loss, and honor the memories of your loved one. Through grief therapy, we have seen people become stronger emotionally and compassionate toward themselves and others.