The information you share in therapy is protected health information and is generally considered confidential by both South Carolina state law and federal regulations. Your therapy file can be subpoenaed in South Carolina through a court order (signed only by a judge) but is considered privileged in the federal court system.

Discussions between you and me are confidential. For this reason, if we see you in public, we will protect your confidentiality by greeting you only if you greet us first. Though we enjoy interacting with our clients, your privacy is important and will not be violated.

My job is to be objective; therefore we cannot accept gifts, services, or invitations to social events and we cannot provide any references. We care about our clients, but in order to provide you with the best service possible, ours must be a professional relationship only.

Exceptions to Confidentiality: We are mandated by standards – through Duties to Warn to breaching confidentiality if we discover: 1) you are threatening self-harm or suicide, 2) you are threatening to harm another or homicide, 3) a child has been or is being abused or neglected, and/or 4) a vulnerable adult has been or is being abused or neglected. If you are suicidal or homicidal, we are bound by law to report the situation in order that your life/others’ lives be protected. If you are suicidal or homicidal, please note the police will be notified. If you would wish for us to also contact a family member or friend, please provide their name and number as an emergency contact. Finally, if you wish your protected health information be released to another party, you must sign a Release of Information.

All information is kept private and confidential unless you provide written and specific authorization to share it such as if you need me to speak with your physician or previous counselor.